babytransitParents nowadays are becoming more and more in touch with the latest technology and trends, they have the most advanced cars for efficiency and safety, gadgets that makes life and work much easier, houses that are greener, safe and can provide peace of mind. All of this thanks to the hustle and bustle of daily living that demands more work out of a tech savvy person contrary to other people around us and that also includes parents that have to care for their newborn and that’s why you are here in this article to know what is the ultimate stroller for the most tech savvy parents out there in the world today.

You most probably have seen the best in the latest favorite gadgets and gear for parents. However, it does not come as a surprise that the most astounding part of that list would have to be a high-tech stroller. Something so simple and wholesome like a baby stroller does not really come off as something electronic and high tech that is why it really fuelled the imagination of parents, especially techy parents, about the potential of this piece of technology.

Without further ado, this is about the Origami made by 4moms, an innovative company that combines traditional baby gear with today’s technology with surprisingly great results. With the Origami, you will get a stroller with an LCD screen right on your handle bars that will provide you real time temperature and the distance you have walked and the time you have spent walking. It is a great guide if you are working your way back down to that weight before you got pregnant.

You do not have to have a baby to be impressed by this stroller because of its different features like some running lights in front of the stroller, it even has pathway lights that triggers during low light conditions. If ever you will be walking up a path with your baby after dinner, you’ll find this feature very useful. If there were a way to deactivate that, it would be great because there will be some situations that you do not want any attention to yourself like if you are walking into a theater. You do not want to be that weird patron that is walking around with a light beacon.

One of this stroller’s amazing feature is that it has a built-in generator on its rear wheel so you can charge your phone or gadgets while you walk. You will never have to worry about losing battery on your phone and struggle where to find the nearest bathroom where you can change your baby’s diaper. This can be a lifesaver. An ingenious idea by 4moms, indeed.

Again, this stroller is not just about techy gimmicks because it is also a well-designed stroller that gives your baby as much comfort as any stroller out there even for newborns up to babies that weigh 40 pounds. It even has a decent storage space for your baby’s gear with additional storage pockets and cup holders and optional accessories that you can get separately for other stuff. If you’re looking for something as useful with a lower cost, you can check Baby Trend Jogging Strollers.

Do not forget about the one press folding feature, that collapses the stroller and then press it again to open it up. Perfect for parents who don’t have a big house or spacious SUV storage.


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