aboutsads sosewIf you go out there and check out some stores and ask people which is truly the best sewing machine, it is almost guaranteed that you would not get a singular answer because of the different make and models out there in the market today which has their own strengths and weaknesses and the performance will vary depending on the task or project that you have at hand. According to sosewreviews.com, to help you make a good decision, here are some of the best sewing machines out there in the market today.

Kenmore electric sewing machine with LCD – this sewing machine has a price tag of $350. If you are having issues trying to find out which pedal to step on. This machine, the Kenmore electronic sewing machine should be top of the list. It will make sure that you will be reminded which foot you will have to use depending on the stitch you set. The machine interface is very easy to operate and its buttonhole setup is really quick and easy. On the other hand, the tension will take you a while to adjust to set it to the right stitches so this machine is not really recommended for people who will be shifting from one stitch to another.

Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine – this beginner level sewing machine has a price tag of $230 and will help you finish your sewing very quickly. The machine is very straightforward as far as usage is concerned yet it is also simple to operate and the typical tasks that you will have to do with any sewing machine will be done with ease. Both threading and bobbin are done quickly and hassle free, also changing the needle and presser foot. Overall, the Singer 4411 sewing machine is recommended for beginner and veteran users alike.

Kenmore 45 stitch sewing machine – this affordable sewing machine that is made for beginners and it is only price tagged at $90. There would be no need for novice sewers to spend hundreds of dollars on a machine. This machine has been tested and performed really well through multiple stacks of cotton and jersey. Just like any good machine, it is very simple, straightforward and can really be relied on for basic tasks. But remember, it has only 3 fixed options for both length and width.

Kenmore drop-in bobbin sewing and quilting machine – this machine is priced at $149 that is designed for beginners. This machine performed well after testing it on multiple layers of cloth. Threading and winding the bobbin is also a breeze to minimize frustration for beginner users. You should learn more about quilting sewing machines if you’re interested in this sewing machine.

Singer 8763 Curvy – this machine is relatively much expensive than other beginner machines out in the market today because it is priced at $300. Although it is very easy to thread, easily sews through multiple layers of fabric with a hassle free, easy to use interface. Although it is rated really well, it is not advised for sewers who will be changing fabric frequently because changing tensions in this machine is kind of difficult.


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